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HOleeeeee fuck this Kboy is OUT of control!!!! hahahaha

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23/ of Jongkey Edits

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Jongkey, Keyseop, Fandoms, oh my


I’ll admit, I’m a recent Shinee fan and I must say, if this is the way fans are acting about Keyseop (which isn’t even official), then I’m really glad I came into the fandom AFTER the Jonghyun/Sekyung dating thing. I feel like those were dark times on Tumblr o.O

Why can’t we all just chill out and enjoy the Jongkey and Keyseop respectively!!!???

useicandyholic: how about No. Only Jongkey ♥

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Zoom yjloverys:

I’m gonna ship this two couples forever, even they got there own family and kids.


I’m gonna ship this two couples forever, even they got there own family and kids.

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fave moments from Ranking King: Likeable King episode

#MyungJong’s date

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Hoya’s friendly reminder.

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Kpop OTP’s: PenJae



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jaejoong tried to find solace in mythical land named india. the businessman’s career have taken 180 degrees turn when one of his co-workers ran away, leaving his company with enormous amount of debt, and him, in misery. with only two suitcases in hand, he booked the last minute flight.

yunho greeted the demure man with all smiles and warmth to his humble small hotel in the heart of jaipur. providing shelter with breakfast of black coffee and madeleines. trying his best to make the guest feel like he’s in his own home. or maybe, yunho’s home.

yunho loved to sing. just a bit of la la la la in the morning, along with birds chirping. sometimes an old korean song about view of the mountain. his loud, nasal, manly voice reverberated through the walls. lovely. he might never win an idol contest though, but everyone in the hotel love to hear him.

jaejoong sat atop of the hill, between debris of what seems like old palace. the wind blew past his face. he’s been thinking of what to do with his life since the moment he arrived. maybe never come back to korea. just stay here, maybe try to get a job and get settled. or vice versa. millions of scenarios ran in his head. so he sat a little longer. maybe he could think of better things as the time went by. maybe. just maybe.

* fail yunho/jaejoong drabble for my waifu. ilysm

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